Some hopeful FAKK2 Linux things

Note: At this point, enough people have e-mailed me with "yay! it works!" things that I consider this essentially a usable and workable solution. Feedback is still welcome.

A random file...

Download that, and put it in /usr/local/games/fakk2/fakk/

If you don't have permission to do that, ~/.loki/fakk2/fakk/ will do just fine

I'm making no garauntees, but this may magically fix FAKK2 crashing issues early in the game, and it should get overwritten by future official patches [although there are unlikely to be any, to be honest].

Specific way to recreate at least one of the bugs: get this puppy, install it as described below, and I quote: "Load, climb wall, battle happy masks. Guaranteed to crash on my system.". Bombing /a la/ Tim Beckman.

How to install that savegame:
cd ~/.loki/fakk2/fakk/save/
bzip2 -cd /path/to/downloaded/savegame/fakk2savedcrash.tar.bz2 | tar -xf -
that is all

If this is broken, it's my fault 100%. If it works, it's the fault of a guy called Taylor Richards, out to whom MAJOR kudos goes

Gary (-;

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