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"Please explain the whole Chunky Kibbles thing"

A Cow

Some photos of me juggling and burning stuff [usually me], and my port of JuggleMaster

My CV/Resume: Gary Briggs [pdf]

Chainmaille stuff: jewelry, small shield-like thing, armor, and toys

I'm working on something hideously pointless here: AAHelper

My random images collection

I don't particularly like UT, but here are some things you'll find that it has that I wish quake3 had [where I've been messing with it]

On a related note, this is my UnrealI page

You can read some random config files and scripts I'm using at the moment. Nothing very exciting, but hey; I would have found them of use when I was trying to work them out (=

My humble attempt at fixing FAKK2 is here

The PlayStationCam

Here you'll find what I'm doing in the war against stupid web servers

Why I'm in a bad mood with my ISP, and other joyous things.

I keep a sporadic .plan, which is webbily available, if you don't like finger chunky@icculus.org

Gary (-;

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