Freespace 2 for Linux

This is where you can get the Freespace 2 installer for Linux

Here's a shot of the installer:

Download the Freespace 2 Installer (md5sum).
The installer is approximately 4.3MB.

The binary included was built from a cvs checkout of Freespace 2 on 19th December 2003.
Freespace 2 will default to 640x480 in fullscreen mode. Make sure you have 640x480 listed in your XF86Config.
Pilot data and Preferences are now stored in ~/.freespace2
The Freespace 2 icon is the handy work of Taylor Richards.
If you choose to install movies, they will play but you will not get sound.
Movies will not play fullscreen if your resolution is 1024x768.
This installer is not compatable with Sim/Game of The Year edition or any non-english versions.