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© 2002 Clément Bourdarias

gTipi: A Laboratory Work Software for GNU/Linux

gTipi is a Gtk+/GtkPlot based software for physics / electronics laboratory work on GNU/Linux platforms.


The first goal is to make a free (as in speech) replacement for Regressi, a commercial front-end for lab work with the Orphy GTS/GTI hardware, for Windows. Regressi has many features that students do not need in High schools.

gTipi will be simpler and provide, at least in his first versions, only the most important features.

At the moment, gTipi only supports the Orphy GTS hardware using liborphy, but supporting other hardwares should not be hard, provided I have the model to test and specifications to write acquisition functions (or existing libraries). That's why gTipi should not depend on the acquisition hardware.

gTipi is distributed under the terms of the GNU GPL license.


In current gTipi stable version (gTipi 0.2.0):
  • data acquisition on Orphy inputs and data plotting in real time (possibility to parameter time between two acquisitions, and total acquisition time)
  • plot export in PostScript format
  • data export in plain text
  • plot printing
  • precise data values visualization on each point
In gTipi CVS, or currently in development :
  • experimental points fitting with a given model (non-linear least squares fitting)
  • function plotting
  • create datasets by entering each point, modify a point on a existing dataset
Planned, but in a long time:
  • XML-based laboratory-work files with experimental protocol etc... (lots of ideas here, but that won't be coded vefore a loooong time)

More details

See screenshots, FAQ, high schools sections.