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The latest version of SDL_sound can be found at:

The basic gist of SDL_sound is that you use an SDL_RWops to get sound data into this library, and SDL_sound will take that data, in one of several popular formats, and decode it into raw waveform data in the format of your choice. This gives you a nice abstraction for getting sound into your game or application; just feed it to SDL_sound, and it will handle decoding and converting, so you can just pass it to your SDL audio callback (or whatever). Since it gets data from an SDL_RWops, you can get the initial sound data from any number of sources: file, memory buffer, network connection, etc.

As the name implies, this library depends on SDL: Simple Directmedia Layer, which is a powerful, free, and cross-platform multimedia library. It can be found at

Support is in place or planned for the following sound formats:

(...and more to come...)

Please see the file COPYING in the source's root directory.

Ryan C. Gordon ( , many others, please see CREDITS in the source's root directory.

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